5 Things to Do in Bed in 2016

Posted on 22 / 12 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

Gadgets are on everyone’s ‘must have’ lists at Christmas. Rightly or wrongly, technology has taken over our lives and we’re all guilty of spending too much time on our mobiles or tablets these days. Especially at night! Let’s all admit it, we love slipping under the covers at night and checking our messages or catching up with friends online. It’s part of our night time routine.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with our five top tips for what we’ll be doing in bed in 2016. Sure, we all know that we’ll be snuggling down with our premium synthetic and natural duvets… but what will we be getting up to under them?

1.      iPhone 7 is coming!

Apple has huge plans for us in 2016 and the iPhone 7 is looking like the big development that will interrupt all those ‘getting a good night’s sleep’ new year resolutions! With new features being discussed including talk of a USB-type port, the days of being unable to work late at night on your Apple device may be over!  

2.                  Facebook planning to go intergalactic!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may have announced that the company are launching a satellite in 2016 to “connect the entire world” – but we all know that it will mean more options and reasons for us to spend even more of our time on the social network! And with reports suggesting that the development is looking to use existing satellite technology to provide more affordable internet access, meaning TV series and films will stream a lot more efficiently and cost-effectively, our bedtime browsing options just became a whole lot more accessible!

3.                  Instagram to help decide the next US President!

News from around the world is at our fingertips now… hands up; we all check what’s happening across the globe before our head hits the pillow at night. But how much of a real influence is this development having in the real world? With reports suggesting that Instagram is the new battleground for politicians to do battle – and Presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Donald Trump using the photo-sharing platform to incite each other – perhaps our late night catch-up on Instagram could have more repercussions than we think…

4.                  Google plan to accelerate mobile browsing

We’ve all been there: turning to our loved one in bed to show them the latest viral video to have us in stitches… only for the video to take forever to load on our mobile. Well, those wasted moments could be a thing of the past, as Google has announced plans to accelerate your web browsing on mobile devices – with lots of big names involved in the company’s ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages Project’.

5.                  Netflix to double original programming in 2016

Great news for those who enjoy snuggling in bed under a luxury duvet to catch up on the next instalment of your favourite TV series: Netflix will double the amount of original programming it produces in 2016. Favourites such as ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘Orange Is The New Black’ will be joined by brand new TV series’, feature films and feature-length documentaries for you to enjoy. So, make sure that the new iPad or tablet you’re getting for Christmas is fully charged and ready to go… and get your duvet days in the diary!

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