Top Tips For Sleeping In Heat

5 Summer Sleep Hacks to Beat the Heat

Posted on 25 / 06 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

Sunshine and warm weather is always welcome in our climes, but maybe not the sleep-stealing uncomfortable nights (*although this does depend on whereabouts in the UK you live!)

Too hot to sleep

We’ve got five top tips to get summer sleep on track and keep it that way.

  • Make the room as dark as possible. Blackout blinds can help. This helps to increase levels of melatonin, the ‘sleep’ hormone.
  • Keep it cool. No warmer than 17oC for a comfortable night. Open the windows an hour before going to bed and keep curtains and blinds closed.
  • Get to know your tog. Tog is another way of saying how warm a duvet is. Summer duvets are ideally no more than a 7 tog rating.
  • Stay hydrated. Herbal tea or a glass of iced water an hour before bed will help water balance in the body and keep temperatures regulated.
  • Wash to keep dust mites at bay. Hay fever and associated allergies start to increase any time from March. Dust mites are a known a culprit, but washing synthetic duvets, like any of our Smartfil range, at 60oC makes sure they’re history.

We’d love to hear your tips – how do you beat the heat?

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