5 Signs You Need To Change Your Bedding

Posted on 26 / 06 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

Too hot to sleep

Maybe you’re sleeping under a duvet your mum gave you from her spare room? Or perhaps still using the same pillow you had as a child? You’d be in good company. Our latest survey found that just over a third of Brits only change their bedding every ten years*.

Good quality bedding can last for many years with good care and attention, but how can you tell when it’s time to make the change?

Here’s five signs it is time to “call time” on your bedding:

1. Waking up with a stiff neck or shoulder ache.
This could mean your pillow isn’t supporting you in the way it should. The Fine Bedding Company have over 20 different types of pillows to choose; from beautifully soft and plump to gently supportive and breathable; so you can create the perfect cushioning for your weary head.

2. It started life with someone else.
Chances are if you’ve been ‘gifted’ a duvet by a well-meaning relative it’s already gone beyond the point of freshness and comfort. The Fine Bedding Company offer 12 different choices from anti-allergy and washable to duck or goose down. There’s also the option to have either a summer or winter weight (also known as tog). With prices starting from £30 there’s no reason for you to hang on to your heirloom any longer.

3. The mattress springs are making their presence felt.
You don’t need to be a fairy-tale princess to notice small lumps and bumps in your mattress. An easy way to get more life out of your mattress is to buy a topper. They support the contours of your body and are designed to give you a supremely comfortable night’s sleep. However, if your mattress is more than 10 years old, it’s probably worth thinking about investing in a new one.

4. Allergies have made a return appearance.
The problem could be down to dust mites, which can cause symptoms very similar to hay fever. If you’ve a feather duvet then that could also be an issue. Experts advise washing bed linen once a week and synthetic bedding every six weeks at 60oC. The Fine Bedding Company’s Smartfil® duvets like Breathe and Spundown are washable and keep their softness and bounce for years. If you’ve a natural duvet then a dry cleaning specialist will be able to help.

5. Hot and bothered when sleeping.
A lot of innovation can happen in ten years and that includes bedding. The Fine Bedding Company have discovered a ground-breaking silicone fibre mix called Smarfil®, which works a bit like climate control for sleep. You can stay at a comfortable temperature all night long with their Breathe duvet which is supremely soft and light, but also washable and long lasting.

Do one or more of these sound familiar to you? A change is a good step to getting the best rest, to update your bedding visit finebedding.co.uk

*survey carried out in 2014 by One Poll on behalf of the Fine Bedding Company 

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  1. Posted by carol cross / / Reply

    Dont leave gaps in curtains or any standby lights on tvs etc as they can disturb your sleep.

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